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here in oregon looking for fun competive matches but also can do give and take pro possible travel for a good fight step up and lets see what you got! be in shape and close to my size prefer around my age but will take on older as long as your inshape



Struttura del match: Solo match, Dare e ricevere, Squash match, Giocare al wrestling, Praticare tecniche, Tag team/combattimenti di gruppo, Partner per esercizi, Combattimenti all'aria aperta, Chat online, Amo il cyber wrestling
Stili di lotta specifici: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling con pugni, Wrestling in Piscina, Wrestling nell'olio/fango
Lotta in piedi: incontri stile UFC/MMA
Feticismi: Combatto per vincere, Masturbazione, Wrestling nudi, Pugni all'addome, Strappare e fare a strisce, Allenamento muscolare


  1. Stati Uniti d'America - Oregon, Clackamas
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Età: 37-anni Gay Maschio, cerca Maschio

Statistiche: 175 cm, 80 kg

Lingue parlate: Inglese

Equipaggiamento: speedow singlet fight shorts

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Gruppi d'interesse:


yim è raccomandato da 503grappler

yim is a real cool guy to roll with. He's safe and sane and knows his stuff. I had a great time wrestling with him and look forward to more great matches!



503grappler è raccomandato da yim

Great grappler strong and knows his holds and always safe besides a friendly guy off the mat if you have a chance to meet him on the mats I suggest you do so if you want to test the limits of your skill he's your man



Yes2014 è raccomandato da yim

Had a great time on my mats with this guy he strong and very skilled and don't let his size fool you he's strong and can hold is own with any one one the mats I look forward to our next match



BEEFBOY31 è raccomandato da yim

very cool dude and i was very happy to meet this beast and i suggest any one else has the opportunity to have a match with him jump on the mats with him you wont be disappointed and hes great to have a drink with afterword



yim è raccomandato da fitguy2

Really enjoyed meeting Yim. He has wide variety of moves, all which he works in safe manner. He also shared few tips which I hope to put into practise the next time we meet and make it even more painful for him! Recommend without hesitation



fitguy2 è raccomandato da yim

Very strong for his size and with a little more training this mate will be one force to recon with but as for a opponent you couldn't ask for a nicer or friendlier gent would recommend him to anyone no matter what your skill level you shouldn't pass up a chance for a match with this guy and I hope him and I can have a rematch one day



yim è raccomandato da NYleanmuscle

Reliable wrestler....loves to mix it up. We have a rematch on the books just need to schedule it! A good guy...



NYleanmuscle è raccomandato da yim

we only had an hr to fight but he gave me everything he had and was well worth it if ya get a chance to meet up with him do it he will not disapoint ya



yim è raccomandato da wrestler2000

Tough opponent and experienced wrestler, the perfect combination of fight and fun.
Very masculine guy with a friendly attitude.
He is absolutely reliable and a "must" if you go to Oregon.



wrestler2000 è raccomandato da yim

He is a tough and fun opponent I hope to meet him again and if he comes your way you wont be disappointed challenge him I know I would again



yim è raccomandato da SqueezeNW

Yim is a tough opponent and always have a fun match with him.



SqueezeNW è raccomandato da yim

every time i meet up with he has always been a fun and tough oponnet he is always a good throw down on the mats



yim è raccomandato da Mark uk

Hey, If you get the chance to lock up with yim then please take the opportunity. I had a great time with him and hope to meet again when I am back on the west coast. Cheers Mark_uk



Mark uk è raccomandato da yim

Defiantly a fun roll if you get a chance to meet this bloke I guarantee you wont be disappointed don’t let his age fool you he is a feisty wrestler and I cant wait to take him on again when he gets around my way


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yim 20/07/2014

Just a good fight

Watched 739 times.