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elorian è raccomandato da gigromeo (23/11/2017)

All guys, I was positively surprised having a match with this chap. He looks very inocent, but he is very sklilled fighter, he knows how to move and apply painfull holds. W spend at least two hours rolling fast and hard, very tough opponent, friendly, try to reach him when you in Gran Canaria as soon as possible, his skills are evolving so in the nex 2-3 years he will be unbeatable.


robsam68 è raccomandato da chrislean (23/11/2017)

Highly horny and sweaty grapple with this guy. Repeat match anticipated


Juan7593 è raccomandato da FRENCHGLADIATOR1 (23/11/2017)

super combattant, on a boxé en privé a plusieurs en tournoi privé !
a rencontrer absolument !


Flwrestler è raccomandato da sbr (23/11/2017)

Had a lengthy wrestle with FLwrestler ..His pics are deceptive...He was much more masculine, slender, and muscular in person ..We rassled back & forth taking body punches to the pecs & gut.....We compared previous matches & he is definitely friendly and respectful...Looking forward to another match...


marconi è raccomandato da Invictus jobber (23/11/2017)


Conocí a Marc en Oxford, RU, ahora que él está en mi país tenía que verlo, es un super amigo y confiable, además de que le encanta tener a un jobber a sus pies y rendirlo con sus brazos!!
Tanto en Inglaterra como en México ha sido un gusto tener un encuentro con él!!! Recomendable para todo jobber :)


Sportwrestler123 è raccomandato da Werner (23/11/2017)

Sportwrestler ist ein sehr guter Ringer, mit guter Technik und Ausdauer!
er lässt einem aber auch seine Chancen, und darum macht es auch Spass, gegen einen guten Ringer kämpfen zu dürfen!


muscleluv è raccomandato da swimmerjocknyc (23/11/2017)

Cute guy who can take a lot of holds. Inam sure he could have taken more than I dished out. Highly recommend if you are looking to take out some agression. Very easy to talk to before and after. Hopefully we can meet up again the next time I'm in Tokyo


Swimsurf21 è raccomandato da Yngrasslr00 (23/11/2017)

Awesome body, good energy and an all around nice guy. Could go between rough play ssnd nd just trading holds, had a blast with this guy and hope our paths cross again in the future!


Atlético bogota è raccomandato da luchadorbogotano (23/11/2017)

Atlético bogota, es un gran contrincante, muy fuerte y muy hábil a pesar de la diferencia de peso en la colchoneta esa diferencia no se nota pues hemos luchado de tu a tu. Fuera de la colchoneta una gran persona y un muy buen amigo.
Siempre que haya oportunidad será un placer luchar con ATLÉTICO


madeincanada è raccomandato da Txwresl (23/11/2017)

Very hot fun small lean guy who knows his wrestling and gives it his all...have had sveral matches over the years with this guy. I like his style and the competition....,Fun and good on and off the mats. Would wrestle him in a heartbeat again, and often.
If you get the chance, do it...you will enjoy as I have.

53205 raccomandazioni

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