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Kenlerouge è raccomandato da bikermanrr (27/05/2019)

Une bonne rencontre , vraiment trés sympa et c est qu il se débrouille déjà bien Kenlerouge . Un poids léger mais athlétique il a pas encore beaucoup de pratique et de techniques mais deja une bonne aptitude au combat et la rage !!!! . Un goût certain pour tout ce qui est challenge . Pour le combat au sol , c est un attaquant inépuisable , plus de 2 heures à en découdre dans des rounds musclés et sports., il lâche rien . Il sera certainement apprécié pour son enthousiasme à combattre et son côté très rebel .
Comme je disais, il est trés motivé et en pleine forme. 24 h après notre première rencontre il s est représenté sur mes tatamis. Plus engagé encore et pour une autre longue sceance dans la sueur. Tout un w e , Bravo pour un novice . il aime se battre c esr sur . Je vous le recommande !


SpandexGrappler è raccomandato da thesleeperking (27/05/2019)

SpandexGrappler was my first opponent on this site and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! He is very respectful and skilled. He made wrestling really fun and I hope to have another match with him!


Nujacker01 è raccomandato da Mikelima83 (27/05/2019)

After chatting for a few months we managed to meet in a nice dojo room.
Nujacker was ready to go from the start, so we had a great and horny wrestling match. I was stronger, but Nujacker had some good tricks up his sleeve.
In the end Nujacker got over the edge, spectaculary I might say.

Afterwards we had a good dinner. Nujacker is a nice and friendly guy. Good to be around and have conversation with.
I’d like to fight this guy again ;-)
When you’re looking for a cute guy and a hot fight, Nujacker is highly recommended.

***Update 26/05/2019*** we had our second fight. It was a hot and sweaty match and Nujacker showed his energy and great stamina. A real enjoyable meeting again.👍


waboxer è raccomandato da SeattleFight (27/05/2019)

WAboxer is an awesome guy and generous in sharing his extensive knowledge of boxing. He gave me some valuable pointers and they we sparred a few rounds both working on technique and slugging it out. He's in great shape and clearly skilled, but also a nice guy who can accommodate to your level. He was even generous enough to wrestle, even though that is not his preferred mode of combat. Looking forward to further training and sparring! Definitely recommended to those wanting to improve in the ring! Thanks buddy!


jobberinmanc è raccomandato da crabladder (27/05/2019)

25/05/2019 Had a great gut punch session with Jobberinmanc. Me doing the punching only with boxing gloves, mma gloves and fists. He coped really well with plenty of punches to the belly and chest. I also applied plenty of chokes and sleepers. A very enjoyable session enjoyed by both of us. Looking forward to meeting again soon.


Onefight è raccomandato da Jimmy Elijah (27/05/2019)

Wrestled OneFight years ago. He was strong, tough, and could take a beating. He’s changed so much since then. He inspires me to train with purpose to be a better fighter.

He can take anything you throw at him. Don’t miss the chance to lock up with this stud of a fighter.


crabladder è raccomandato da jobberinmanc (27/05/2019)

Recently met crabladder for the first time and he did a beginners gut punching session with me. He respected my limits, which as a newcomer I very much appreciated. He also applied chokes and sleepers, again respecting my limits as a beginner. It was a fun session and look forward to meeting again soon.


Bedivere è raccomandato da Simons simon (27/05/2019)

nice and easy going,skilled and strong. We had a short but great fight. Then we had a meal together. strongly recommended. Maybe after our wrestling we should have a shower together too =)


Mighty Mike è raccomandato da Slick583mick (27/05/2019)

Had another match with mike and we went at it hard for a good hour- were both covered in sweat and exhausted - mike is very strong and never has any trouble with my small frame. He is very respectful and never overdoes anything or goes 100% . good man who doesnt need to prove himself on the mat but loves a good match and a good workout and provides both. Highly recommend you meet with mike if you have the oppertunity - he gets my highest praise here - he deserves it


zeakmartin è raccomandato da Dipper (27/05/2019)

What even happened. It's been a month but I'm still sort of in shock how badly he beat me, despite being half my size???

All in all though, Zeakmartin is an awesome guy. Wrestling, he knows what he's doing. He's super sweet, even if he tries to heel it still comes off adorkable. Neither of us went in with any expectations and then 4(?) hours later I'd say I've had my second favourite wrestling match ever.

So yeah. Don't underestimate him, and if you get a chance to meet him, don't hesitate. I hope to meet up again sometime and redeem myself.

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