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surylightweight è raccomandato da danwrestle (17/10/2018)

I met surylightweight Ray last Friday at grove park 12/10 18 we had a good wrestle trying some different holds on one another he mabe light in weight but he makes up in determination . I really enjoyed our bout together was a lot of fun. After went for a beer Plus he a really nice easy going guy to chat to. And looking forward to round 2 very soon
Cheers Ray


Lomandlad42 è raccomandato da HotSweatySubs (17/10/2018)

Met with Lomandlad on neutral ground in a hotel. Mattress was on the floor, heating was up and lights were down. We wrestled for nearly two hours, trading holds, working each other over, always safe and sane, but with a competitive edge at times. Ended up dripping with sweat and exhausted - my ideal sort of match. Thank you and up for a rematch any time!


Dirka è raccomandato da Ginler (17/10/2018)

Dirka ist echt ne Granate und lässt keinen Moment aus um im Fight zu zeigen was er drauf hat.
Nebenbei ist er ein sehr sympathischer und gastfreundlicher Kerl, mit dem man einen super lustigen Abend verbringen kann.
Auf eine baldige Revanche - nur zu empfehlen!


HotSweatySubs è raccomandato da Lomandlad42 (17/10/2018)

Met with HSS recently and can only echo what his previous recommendations say.
He certainly lives up to his profile name and we had a very hot sweaty back and forth wrestle. A safe sane fella whom I would have no problem recommending for a great session
Cheers fella look forward to next time


wrestlersp è raccomandato da Sr Lutador (17/10/2018)

Quase 100 lutadores já recomendaram este monstro. Portanto, não vou gastar palavras: se você já venceu ele, não me desafie. Se aguentou três minutos de combate, pode me chamar.
Sensação de "dejavu"; com certeza já nos encontramos em alguma arena romana em outra vida. O que tem de grandão, tem de gente boa.


berbigao è raccomandato da MachoSungaRJ (17/10/2018)

Luta excelente! Suada e disputada. 7 x 4 pra ele, mas a maioria dos rounds foi vencida de forma muito apertada. Muito mais forte do que parece! Muita força nas pernas e, principalmente, nos braços. Especialista nas tesouras e nos bearhugs, além de muita disposição.

Fora disso, um cara muito gente boa, super simpático e com um belo porte físico! Uma luta que vale a pena ser repetida!


toughjob è raccomandato da ordjbr (17/10/2018)

What’s a great way to kick off the morning with an Alpha Heel who’s built like a brick house. As he states in his profile, his aloha heeling abilities match the size of his arms ....strong, aggressive, but totally safe and sane. Even managed a few surprises on him but with a 35lb muscle advantage, he eventually took control and dominated. In addition to all that...just an all around great guy. If you get the chance, don’t pass the man up....he’s the real deal. Just bring your A game and be ready!!!!


ordjbr è raccomandato da toughjob (17/10/2018)

Just had a match with Ordjbr. Nothing like a jobber who fights back. Makes all the tap-outs worthwhile. Great physique with killer legs (watch out for those!). While I happily dominated the match he certainly got his licks in! Don't underestimate this guy, he fights back hard. So much fun to totally out-muscle him and force him to worship every inch of me. He fed my Alpha-dog side perfectly and I would gladly have him back for more. It doesn't hurt that he is also an incredibly nice guy as well. Would definitely recommend him to anyone!


Fábio Ricardo è raccomandato da carioca fighter (17/10/2018)

Já vínhamos nos falando e nos provocando a muito tempo, como ele msm disse, e eis q chegou a hora de nos enfrentarmos cara a cara, e como era d se esperar, ele não decepcionou, partiu pra cima com td força, o q nos proporcionou duelos prolongados e d alta intensidade, já q ambos possuem grande resistência; lutador capaz d encarar qlq um pois ñ se intimida e nem deixa d lhe provocar em momento algum, a revanche já está concedida, só marcar hora e local....


lutte95 è raccomandato da Abdelrahmansabrin (17/10/2018)

If you are into scissors you will love fighting this guy!! Once he gets you trapped in there do not even try to escape. You are trapped. But dont worry because it will be a nice trap. Lutte is safe and sane and he would do anything to make you comfortable. Thank you for having me and dominating me!!

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