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slpt è raccomandato da Polachja (17/08/2018)

Somehow during a busy vacation and seeing a new city, I was lucky enough to sneak in a coupe hours with this young buck. Slpt was charming, strong, professional, super fun to wrestle and a great guy as well. He happily played the jobber for me even though he tried to get some submissions from me. ūüėÄūüėÄūüėÄ. Slpt taught me some new moves too. Thank you. Bottom line, a highest recommendation f9r this young, talented and kind Brazilian by way of Dublin. Cheers, mate.


wildcat è raccomandato da bigma (17/08/2018)

After much talk and a horrible work schedule on my end, I finally was able to meet and wrestle with Wildcat. He is a very nice and easy going guy, but dont let that fool you, when it comes time to lock up and wrestle, Wildcat will squeze, roll and bend you into submission. I had a great time and cant wait to wrestle again


builtbod è raccomandato da gymrat (17/08/2018)

Finally, after about 300 messages and two face to face meetings, one lifting at his gym, we got a chance to grapple! Builtbod is just a good guy for starters, and now I experienced grappling with him. Its hard to believe he's 66. He doesn't look it. Nor does he wrestle like it. he's strong and in great shape. Oh, and outweighs me by like 50 pounds. Darn.

We had a great time. About 1 ¬Ĺ hours of sweaty back and forth, including wrestling, learning and even arm wrestling. I was nursing a healing injury, so Builtbod was a real gentleman and made sure it didn't get aggravated, yet we still managed to compete hard and struggle. Plus, as always i learned some new techniques and holds from a more experienced wrestler.

Highly recommended. he's skilled, strong, built (duh), fun, and safe.


dantiandf è raccomandato da abpuncher (17/08/2018)

I've chatted so much with dantiandf it was like meeting an old trusted friend...He was awesome in his ability to take what I dished out. I kept raising the intensity level and he just absorbed it with higher pitched groans of pain. I'm not sure he ever actually tapped out but I kept him on that fine edge. I hope I can take half as well when we do give and take at our next meeting. Do not pass up the chance to meet up with him.


Chunkywoof è raccomandato da Sir David (17/08/2018)

Chunkywoof attended a small group meet at the Manchester ring for one of his ventures onto the circuit. Although a little nervous he wasn't shy and got well and truly stuck in.

Looked good in his squares and boots and a very eager newbie. Great friendly guy and as big as he is, was very safe and sane.

Already discussing round 2 ,which I cannot wait to take place.


abpuncher è raccomandato da dantiandf (17/08/2018)

My meet with abpuncher came this week after several years of schedules preventing us from getting together. It was well worth the wait! He is an expert at working over a man's abs, and he did my pecs a job, too. He is super strong, but safe. He is also a great, kind, good-humored host, and I'd happily meet up with him again soon (or at least after my abs have had a chance to recover!).


kevinc è raccomandato da ouo ouo (17/08/2018)

Legit muscular good looking guy here. Definitely enjoy fighting him, he goes all out as you step in his fight zone. Can't wait to punch his muscular body again next time.


schwarz-und-weiss è raccomandato da ringer berlin (17/08/2018)

schwarz-und-weiss ... ist ein Anf√§nger im Ringen. Das sollte man ber√ľcksichtigen und sich darauf einstellen wollen.

Aber: Er hat die Trainingsm√∂glichkeiten beim 18. Internationalen RingerCamp 2018 in Lindow sehr gut genutzt. Schritt f√ľr Schritt will und wird er sich dem Status als Intermediate ann√§hern.

Ein wirklich guter "Gegner" sollte bereit sein, mit ihm einerseits ein paar Techniken zu √ľben und mit ihm andererseits fair im Kampf sein.


Er begleitete uns zu den 10. GayGames in Paris und zeigte eine so deutliche Leistungssteigerung, welche viele Teilnehmer und sogar Referees Respekt bekunden ließ.

Damit hat er gezeigt, dass man auch als Anfänger bei den GayGames teilnehmen und Spaß haben kann.


wrestle guy è raccomandato da pidgeot123 (17/08/2018)

He's a great guy for having agreed to a match pretty spontaneously - glad we got a chance to wrestle. He tries very hard and is super resilient, had to work hard towards the end to get a submission out of him. He definitely knows how to use his size advantage!


Glad2B è raccomandato da Lutteur79 (17/08/2018)

Fantastic wrestler : strong, fit, creative, reliable and very inventive. I met him many times and it has always been a pleasure to challenge him. He became a very close friend and I can tell you will spend an excellent time !

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