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bodybreaker è raccomandato da SmallButMighty (29/05/2017)

He puts up a good fight and he's fun to toss around when he doesn't have the upper hand lol. Got a solid crab too. Met up a couple times and down for another if he's ever wants to rumble. Maybe I'll let him win next time lol


dadwrestle è raccomandato da Taigun2017 (29/05/2017)

Dadwrestle is a tough competitor you will need to keep your wits about you and never turn your back on him. lovely guy off the mats. Do yourself a favor


Freestylefighter è raccomandato da fighter danch (29/05/2017)

Mega cooles Treffen - sehr zu empfehlen. Just for fun - für beide Seiten ein schöner und kräftezehrender Fight. Immer wieder gerne.


razorfish è raccomandato da Seawrestler11 (29/05/2017)

Had a great match today with Razorfish! A very nice man and fun to wrestle.Hoping for a rematch next time he comes to Seattle :)


ocmuscle è raccomandato da Viking Warrior (29/05/2017)

I had an awesome time meeting Nick and an amazing match. He is first of all a great looking guy, in superb shape and quite friendly. His biceps, quads and glutes were all quite impressive. He was quite a strong and agile opponent, well skilled and had good stamina. I felt we were both compatible when it came to skill, strengths and masculinity. We both enjoyed a totally sexually charged submission match. We were both nude, oiled up and totally hard throughout our match.
I highly recommend OCMUSCLE to anyone seeking similar matches.


Biked1982 è raccomandato da Bamm-Bamm (29/05/2017)

How is it to fight my own partner?
Well, it's only been the 2nd time we fought. But this fight counts for real because he was f*ck1ng aggressive.
Maybe it's because he watched me mistreating Ninov a few moments earlier and his sense of justice kicked in (or self preservation). Maybe it's because I didn't empty the dishwasher. Who knows?
Fact is that he came at me full force, very explosive and with a determination that seemed to comprise every bit of frustration I'd ever caused in our 6 years of relationship. Scary!
So how is he on the mats?
Very hard to take down.
Strong (should have known that because he lifts about as much weight as I do in the gym).
Fast and explosive when he feels he's in trouble.
Hard to submit because of his upper body flexibility.
In fighting he's got average stamina, enough for half an hour of full out competitive rolling before needing a break.
Go on, try him out. I'm not worried :-)
Looking forward to the rematch very much!!!


axxo007 è raccomandato da wrestler1999 (29/05/2017)

Had a good time rumbling with this guy. After some arm wrestling, we got down to the main event. He's strong and definitely has some skills, and it ended up being a 1-1 draw in submissions. Also enjoyed feeling his hard biceps. Very nice guy off the mats as well.


sqfig4 è raccomandato da njmuscguy1 (29/05/2017)

great guy and fun to wrestle and hang out with def went the extra mile to make the match happen ! hopefully this was the first of many meets to come don't pass this guy up !


thoblk18 è raccomandato da Dirka (29/05/2017)

I meet thoblk18 on a realy warm day. So we had a very sweaty match. He is a friendly and uncomplicate opponent. He fights strong and know some good skills.
It was absolutly a pleasure to meet him and have some fun together . We can ever meet again if you like.


londonscissors69 è raccomandato da NaughtyButNice (29/05/2017)

I had great fun with londonscissors69 where he prepared many hot and sexy gears for the match. It was about 3 hours spent and I enjoyed every second of it. We then continued for dinner and drinks. Off the mat, he is also a great company. I highly recommend him as he is a nice person and would love to meet him again.

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