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onthesly è raccomandato da chicagopiledriver (22/04/2018)

Update April 2018 - I had my second match with this beast of a man. We wrestled for over 3 hours and then hung out for 4-5 hours. I finally got my Boston crab on this big guy which made me every happy. All I can say is that this is one of the best guys I have ever wrestled. Also one of the nicest guys off the mats we well.

I've been wanting to wrestle this man for a while and I am happy to say he did not disappoint. We wrestled for over 2 hours in a submission style match. He is a beast - big, strong and skilled. I was glad to get a few submissions on him but he also got me just as many times if not more. Seems like a good guy off the mats as well. Looking forward to our next match.


Dawson33 è raccomandato da chicagopiledriver (22/04/2018)

A late night text ended up being a great late night match. I give this guy credit for reaching out at the last minute and then showing up in less than 30 mins at my hotel. He has a great body, awesome energy and strong arms and legs.


toughjobber1 è raccomandato da chicagopiledriver (22/04/2018)

Where do I begin with this awesome jobber. First, this man is totally into wrestling. He is a tough guy who has decent size and can be the best jobber you have ever met. His profile doesn't do him justice. I totally enjoyed getting him into every hold I could think of and then having him try to fight his way out. Off the mats TJ1 is also a very cool guy. Easy to talk to and fun to hang out with. I am hoping we can wrestle many times more in the near future.


Xjunito è raccomandato da chicagopiledriver (22/04/2018)

Had a great match with this man. He is strong and knows how to take a punishment. Got him some pretty tight holds and he took the pain like a man. Looking forward to wrestling him again.


corpoacorpo è raccomandato da Wresbear75 (22/04/2018)

Incontro molto piacevole con Corpoacorpo nonostante sia piuttosto corto. Corpoacorpo è un luttatore determinato, con una bella corporatura . Buona resistenza del braccio ma ancora riuscita a controllare. È una persona molto gentile, e accomodante. Lo incontrerò sicuramente in una futura visita a Roma


Akrob è raccomandato da codywrestler (22/04/2018)

Rob knows exactly what he is doing and took his time as he read my reactions to his punches. Can't wait to go back for more.


Jow è raccomandato da ROULE44 (22/04/2018)

Une petite rencontre la veille du combat, préfigurait d'un bon combat bien engagé, Jow est une personne simple et très cool , pour passer une bonne soirée.
Mais aussi un sacré lutteur, jamais a cours d'idée, sur le tapis, on prends très vite les bonnes positions pour pas tomber dans ces ciseaux puissants.
N'hésites à coacher si nécessaire, tout ça pour que les échanges sur le tapis soient plus intenses.
Amateurs de combats engagés mais respectueux, n'hésitez à la défier, il est agile , volontaire et puissant.
Recommander et a refaire


Blackwrestle è raccomandato da sub aqua (22/04/2018)

Had a great day with Blackwrestle, finishing off with a match in the evening - he's a great laugh before during and after the match!

Very tough opponent who kept in control and kept me on the defensive for most of the match - great technical and improvised moves and locks that get you by surprise quite often.

Definite recommendation and definitely up for another match!


danielkelly94 è raccomandato da StrongGrapplerLondon (22/04/2018)

A very strong and agile wrestler. He wiukd present s challenge to most guys on here. Highly recommended.


Bguy85 è raccomandato da dany 2808 (22/04/2018)

He is definetly worth a wrestling match. I could recommend him to everyone who likes competitive or fun wrestling. He knows his stuff and is very friendly besides the fight. I'm sure there will be a rematch.

Sept 2016: Finally after about 1,5 years I had the chance to meet him again and he is still the competitive guy he was before. We had a couple of long rounds. A very nice guy to talk to and hang out with, too. All in all a real fun meeting and rematch.

April 2018: We had the chance to meet again and it was good to roll around again. Bguy85 is a good match. very strong and powerful. Looking forward to the next match.

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