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dcwrestler è raccomandato da WrestleJ (17/02/2019)

Super fun match. I had a blast! It was nice to wrestle someone with similar stats as we had a great time going back and forth. I think our styles of wrestling were similar as well. I tried over and over again to make him tap and had him in a lot of tight holds. However, he did not give in easily and made me work hard for a submission out of him. His flexibility, strength and endurance made him a tough opponent. He’s a smart wrestler. Once he knows what he wants to do to you, he’ll get you in that hold until you submit. Overall, I highly recommend him and I can not wait for a future match with this tough wrestler.


sfBruce è raccomandato da Wrestlg (17/02/2019)

Spur of the moment Match, on a new friend’s quick trip to nyc!
Had a sweaty blast!
He would get more aggressive as we went along!
Love seeing him get “mad” in the face!
He liked My legs, well, I Liked His Too!
Looking forward to seeing him again, here in nyc, or back out in California!


WrestleJ è raccomandato da volcano (17/02/2019)

Wrestlej is highly recommended. Great guy, kind host in his hotel room. Hard body puncher and his legs are deadly if he gets them around your neck. Weak claw hold, though (lol)!

Had a great time with him and would wrestle him again in a heartbeat.


mrhunkto è raccomandato da kennyrocks169 (17/02/2019)

Good guy and much stronger than I thought! Had a fun time with him and although I managed to put him in a few holds, he was good at pinning me down multiple times! Great guy :)


Toughsnowflake è raccomandato da toetotoe (17/02/2019)

What can I say about this guy but he is an amazing guy. Had a fantastic time spending the day with him. Had a boxed and many test of strengths. Hard hitting and strong. Had some tough battles.
Sadly didn't get chance to have a wrestle due to circumstances but will definitely but sorting a rematch soon.
Really enjoyed chatting with with sexy guy. Can't recommend him enough. Very much looking forward to round 2.


Swenrique è raccomandato da tnwrestler1 (17/02/2019)

Ok, I finally got a shot at this total BEAST. The fact that he is huge, ripped and one of the nicest, most gentle guys you will meet makes him the perfect opponent.
I'm always honest in my reviews so must admit I did not stand a chance from the time we opened the door until he left. But that said, we had some great back and forth and he was able to get all 225lbs of me in whatever move he wished. i did try my signature shoulder rack but couldn't make it happen that night.
There was no doubt who the winner was on the mats but I left a winner too just having had the opportunity to lock up with him and experiencing his power and strength.
We had a blast and I highly recommend him– second to none on MF.


fitjocknycla è raccomandato da tnwrestler1 (17/02/2019)

Damn. FJNYLA is a ripped machine who brings it all to the mats. I highly recommend a match with him if you are looking for a tough match with real or back and forth competition.
He is an incredibly kind and smart guy and easy to arrange a match with so NY and LA wrestlers should be prepared for a battle.
He keeps adding muscle in the gym and experience on the mats and is not afraid of anyone, regardless of size or strength. That inherent confidence (cockiness at times– ha) makes him the ideal opponent for anyone.
So glad I finally got a chance at him– ready for the rematch


WrslMscl è raccomandato da lspowerhouse (17/02/2019)

Over the years we have Wrestled when he’s in town strong and makes me work hard for everything I get Good looking I love the size diffence. Great host and easy to talk to .stay away from his legs strong as hell. Don’t miss a chance wrestling him ..


FrankfurtGrappling è raccomandato da Palaistis (17/02/2019)

Vey nice handsome and friendly guy. Strong and playfull when it comes to wrestling. I enjoyed our meeting a lot. Thanks for everything!


Zack M è raccomandato da Italwrestler (17/02/2019)

Zack was big and strong. We had a great match. He keeps coming at you and enjoys a good sweat! I look forward to another match with him soon. He’s a great guy in top of it. I highly recommend him !

66365 raccomandazioni