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RhodyRaybo è raccomandato da Kolter (26/07/2017)

Very very nice person with a lot of energies.
Also very easy to get along with and capable to adjusted to your wrestling abilities.

Thank you.


Headscissorsguy è raccomandato da jiminmaine (26/07/2017)

Headscissorsguy is a nice guy and fun to wrestle. We had a great time at Thunderdome and I hope our paths cross again.


Headscissorsguy è raccomandato da MC2 (26/07/2017)

Met Headscissorguy this past weekend. Very nice and easy to talk with. He's very specific on what he wants to do, mainly getting headscissors. I was happy to oblige. So if you want to play the heel to his jobber, this is the man for you!


Manu Wrestler è raccomandato da allstar (26/07/2017)

enjoyed a lot our fight!! very strong!! higly recommended and very friendly!


Headscissorsguy è raccomandato da jimmyterrific (26/07/2017)

I enjoyed wrestlng him, he was great to talk with also and loved his enthusiam


Headscissorsguy è raccomandato da averagejoe (26/07/2017)

Headscissorsguy is one of the good ones. He is nice, he is genuine, and he is an incredibly enthusiastic wrestler. I was honored to have the chance to wrestle him, and to observe him wrestling other guys; he goes at every match with enthusiasm, vigor, and the joyous abandon that is the hallmark of a true wrestler. In addition, he is genuine and really cares deeply about the wrestlers around him, as well as everyone else. I enjoyed the heck out of our match, and cherish the few days I got to spend with him. I give Headscissorsguy my highest recommendation.


LycraMuscles è raccomandato da Headscissorsguy (26/07/2017)

I met LycraMuscles at Thunderdome V and had the honor to have a short but very intense and fun match with this big muscle guy.
Being a pro in wrestling, he adjusted well to my level giving me
the oppertunity to enjoy this moment.
Watch out for his scissors. His big legs just like his big muscles arms can easily make anybody submit.


grappleruk è raccomandato da Ant01 (26/07/2017)

I met grappleruk in Manchester. He is very strong and super skilled yet extremely patient with my minimal skill. He encouraged and honed my skills making for a very challenging match! He is also very good company off the mats. Had a great time engaging with him and look forward to more matches in the future.


pecs44 è raccomandato da Headscissorsguy (26/07/2017)

I met pecs44 during Thunderdome V and he is a great wrestler with lot of experience. He is a great guy and adjusted to my level. Not only is he very strong but his knowledge of holds makes him an excellent opponent.


Kolter è raccomandato da Headscissorsguy (26/07/2017)

I met Kolter during Thunderdome V and had a great wrestling session with him. Very strong and watch out for his muscular legs because he gives good scissors holds. Will wrestle him again for sure.

48642 raccomandazioni

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