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averagejoe è raccomandato da Akrob (23/02/2017)

Averagejoe is a tall, tan rasslin' man.
You'll have a blast trying to hold off his lightning moves.
He is even stronger than he looks, and did I mention, QUICK?!
I always look forward to another match with Joe when we attend the Wrestlefests in PA and NYC.
I've seen him win and lose, since he takes on all comers, and he always has a joyous attitude. You can just feel how much he is enjoying himself while wrestling.
Find time for a match with this wrestling gem; you won't be disappointed, in the least.


croydonscot è raccomandato da kingj (23/02/2017)

I met with Gary (croydonscot ) for the first time yesterday.. It was also a first experience grappling in oil in a pool setting..The whole experience was thoroughly exciting and enjoyable, I would recommend a meet with Gary if you enjoy wrestling naked and in oil. Gary is very hospitable and a great guy. I hope I will get the chance to repeat the experience in the future..


Roodle0p è raccomandato da lspowerhouse (23/02/2017)

This stud seen him at clash last year And wascwantingbto wrestling for a year and at wrestlefest I did. Hot stud love his strength. Took it a little easy on him wanted to gut punch back n forth but was sore next time I want him in the ring. Already wanted a rematch. Don't pass him up btw looks great in tight trunks


Kir è raccomandato da ruffnhard (23/02/2017)

Had an ab-solutely wonderful session with this young tough man.
Very well built and able to take good solid kicks and stomps to the abs and keep coming back for more!
Fun, intelligent, and interesting to talk with, so much so I almost forgot what we were there for!
But when getting down to action this guy can take a lot and look great while doing it!
A top meet and highly recommended….Looking forward to doing it all again!!!


newwrestle è raccomandato da Roodle0p (23/02/2017)

Agile, flexible, and strong! Had alot of fun wrestling with him. He was able to adjust to my level, which made it even more fun. Great guy off the mats as well. Looking forward to roll with him again!


Roodle0p è raccomandato da Superfly (23/02/2017)

Throughly enjoyed my match with this guy, strong, agile and a quick grappler. Keen about the sport and looked good in gear. I would definitely meet him again as he comes highly recommended


marko75 è raccomandato da alpinisto (23/02/2017)

Ich war von sportynord eingeladen worden um einige Runden auf seine Matte zu drehen, und der hat dafür gesorgt dass ich reichlich Widerstand hatte, da zwei andere Kerle uns zu Besuch kamen. Und Marko75 hier war ein wahre Genuss. Weil seine Erfahrung und jüngere Alter hat gut unser Grösse- und Gewichtunterschied ausgeglichen. Was mir zeigte, dass obwohl ich manchmal was gegen ihn anstellen könnte erforderte es eine gewisse Kampf um es durchführen zu können. Marko hat sehr starke Oberschenkeln, und öfters war ich zwischen den gefangen. Dann musste ich versuchen ihm mit gleicher Münze zu bezahlen. Ich mag ja starke muskulöse Männerbeine, und oft sind wir in ein regelrechter Scherenkampf gelandet. Zwei schöne schwitzige Runden haben wir gemacht, aber Marko blieb immer oben. Ich hoffe dass wir bald wieder ringen können!


njmuscguy1 è raccomandato da wrestling82 (23/02/2017)

Hmmmmmm...........where to start from.......a great guy and an Absolute wrestler.I met Njmuscguy1 in his place and we had a very hard and sweaty match on his mats.Ok, i couldn't manage doing enough against this beast.
Most of the times i was under him trying to defend myself.But for sure he knows to adjust to make you have fun too.
This man has both techniques and muscles.But above all brain.On the mats a great wrestling partner, off the mats an awesome buddy.
Looking forward to meet you again my little........brat ;)


Roodle0p è raccomandato da michaelwood (23/02/2017)

hot fun aggressive man....loves to punch and be punched....good wrestler...strong, good skill....and just an overall HOT man....awesome personality .....you will have a blast taking this guy on....go for it


Antaeus è raccomandato da wrestling82 (23/02/2017)

I had a great competitive match with Antaeus.He is not the type of guy that will give you an easy fight.He has an amazing body stracture, his arms and legs are lethal.Too pity we didn't have much time to enjoy more.I m looking forward to meet and roll with him again on the mat.

44348 raccomandazioni

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