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looking for in shape guys for submission/jujitsu wrestling.

Armwrestle, Mercy, tests of strength... bring it.

Started training jujitsu on 11/27/16, white belt.



Struttura del match: Solo match, Praticare tecniche, Tag team/combattimenti di gruppo, Due su uno, Combattimenti all'aria aperta, Non sono interessato al cyber
Stili di lotta specifici: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling con pugni, Promission, Braccio di Ferro, Wrestling nell'olio/fango


  1. Stati Uniti d'America - Washington, Seattle (Io sarò qui dal 01/12/2017)
    Place of residence
  2. Stati Uniti d'America - New York, New York (Io sarò qui dal 12/04/2018 al 19/04/2018)
  3. Stati Uniti d'America - California, San Diego (Io sarò qui dal 08/03/2018 al 10/03/2018)
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Età: 37-anni Gay Maschio, cerca Maschio

Statistiche: 180 cm, 108 kg

Equipaggiamento: Compression shorts

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Badmoose è raccomandato da toro

Badmoose is built like a rock, powerful, skilled and tough, and loves to battle. Had a great time wrestling this stud! It was a sweaty and grueling match, and I enjoyed every minute. He’s an awesome guy off the mats—intelligent, funny, and good-spirited. Def look forward to meeting again! My highest recommendation.



toro è raccomandato da Badmoose

Incredible time with Toro. Very skilled and technical wrestler. We had a great submission match. Safe, controlled and can definitely handle guys much larger than himself. Looking forward to wrestling again.



Badmoose è raccomandato da dpp4

Very strong really nice guy



dpp4 è raccomandato da Badmoose

Unfortunately we only had time to arm-wrestle but I can definitely say this guy is a beast. We strong and powerful arms. Looking forward to wrestling him next time.



Badmoose è raccomandato da builtnycguy

Thanks to this Badmoose for making time to meet me for an armwrestling and flexing session. His dense muscles were too powerful for me to defeat. Even though he won all the matches – even the ones where he let me start with an advantage – I thoroughly enjoyed our meeting.



builtnycguy è raccomandato da Badmoose

It was a pleasure to meet and armwrestle this big man. Very strong and tough. Incredible personality. Had a great time.



Badmoose è raccomandato da fightcub

Tough tough match with this human BULLDOZER. Highly skilled and brutally strong. Safe and sane, excellent communication. Fight him if you get the chance!



fightcub è raccomandato da Badmoose

Pound for pound one of the strongest guys I've wrestled. Very sexy lad and amazing ripped body. Highly recommend this guy.



Badmoose è raccomandato da brick

Moose is just that - big and strong. A big trash talker with the skills to back it up. And stamina. For a large guy he's able to maintain himself for long periods of time. Great guy all around. Safe and fun.



brick è raccomandato da Badmoose

Had an awesome opportunity to lock horns and wrestle this powerhouse. Extremely powerful arms and legs combined with great technical skill. Highly recommended.



Badmoose è raccomandato da grapplingguy

Badmoose is a true box of power, strength and good cardio. Taking together his stats, this mix become unbeatable. I had great and intense match with him and i enjoyed it a lot! I am looking forward for next round for sure, maybe gi match as well!



grapplingguy è raccomandato da Badmoose

I had an intense and awesome match with grapplingguy. Very quick and powerful. Extremely fun and easy to wrestle with. Looking forward to more matches in the future.



Badmoose è raccomandato da dgwrestler

Badmoose is the strongest moose I've encountered in the wild world of Meetfighters.
I had a very hard fought wrestling match with moose. This man is strong, he could really use his muscles well. We had some lunch and hanged out after the match too. I really enjoyed the time spent with him. One of the nicest guys i've met. I can't wait to see him again.
Don't miss out on a chance to wrestling this amazing man.



dgwrestler è raccomandato da Badmoose

Had an amazing submission match with DG. Very strong for his size, fast and great technical skills. I have nearly 90lbs on this guy and he stayed with me the entire time. Incredibly sweet and spent the day with him after our match. Excited to have met such a great mat buddy and new friend.



Badmoose è raccomandato da 165er

I had such a great time with this guy. He is strong as hell and though he wasn't afraid to use it on me, he also didn't destroy me like he could have. He taught me a few things as we wrestled, gut punched, arm wrestled, etc. I can't recommend him enough. I wish I had the skill to actually make him think twice, but I'll work on it while I hopefully continue to meet up with him and have at it. Anybody who meets up with him is lucky, though you better watch out, too.


Badmoose 09/12/2017

Lifting again

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Badmoose 03/12/2017


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